11th April 2016

Stump Grinding

It is common practice after felling a tree to leave the cut stump in the ground, as in time, it will decay and disappear. However, there are occasions when it is desirable to remove the stump, for example:

  • There is a risk of infection to other plants
  • It is an obstruction (e.g. in lawn)
  • It prevents the construction of a wall or paving etc
  • A new tree or plant is to replace it

In these circumstances we are able to remove the stump, usually using one of our stump grinding machines. These machines can reach awkward areas and may travel across lawns, paving etc, thus avoiding risk of damage that a larger machine such as an excavator might cause.

Stump grinding will tend to remove the stump to approximately 200mm below ground level. In most circumstances this is adequate but on occasions where it is important that all root material is removed (for instance when re-planting) when we would advise that the lateral roots are removed also to avoid disease.

Following a stump grinding operation there will be a residual pile of “grindings”. These will rot down in time in situ or may be composted.